Octopus Girl by Lizzy John


Soldiers’ Inventories by Thom Atkinson, for the Telegraph Magazine

editor: Great series of British soldiers’ equipment from different wars and battles through British history & up to the present. See the original story on the Telegraph website, an interview on Creative Review, & full series of images on ThomAtkinson.com

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This puppy has such big dreams, I just know it.

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Too much stress.
Too busy to do tumblr queue for week.
Too lazy to do school things.
Too bored and sleepy to stay up.
Too much in love to be social with over 10 people at once (sorry, i really do care but its kinda hard)

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Dinofunland. XD by ZombieSandwich

We are pretty much officially together now. But we are going to wait for the 27th to be “official” and open about it.
But here’s something for my followers on Tumblr and Twitter. I know you hate me for this. probably :P
But hey, 16th shall be our pre-release together-date. Hurhur etc


December © Leslie Ann O’Dell

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Shadowbane - JonasDeRo


Wow !

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